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Delhaize America - Authorized Use Only

All information and communications, electronic and telephone, transmitted by, received from, or stored in any Delhaize America system is the property of Delhaize America and intended for business use only. Delhaize America reserves the right to access, review, and disclose any communications when the company has a legitimate business or security need to do so. Any access, enhancement, reproduction, or transmittal of Delhaize America information for other than company use is strictly prohibited. Any person(s) violating the intent of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action and may also be subject to civil or criminal legal proceedings.

DZAHOME.COM is a service provided to enhance the overall productivity of Company associates. However, this service is not intended for general use by hourly-paid associates or other associates who are required to record their time. As explained in the Working Off the Clock policy that is on the Delhaize America intranet, the Company strictly prohibits associates from working without compensation or while not on-the-clock. Use of this service at any time when an associate is not properly clocked in or recording his or her time is the equivalent of working off the clock. Therefore, no hourly-paid associate should access this system without prior approval from his or her Store Manager, Department Manager, or other Manager in charge. The Manager in charge will insure that the associate is paid for all time spent using this service and for any work related thereto. Any unauthorized use of this service will subject an associate to disciplinary action up to and including termination.